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Yasmin & Guy | A Relaxed Bridgerton Inspired Marquee Wedding

Yasmin & Guy tied the knot in an intimate ceremony held in the chapel at the prestigious Cokethorpe School. Afterwards, guests wandered up the tree lined pathway to the marquee for the reception on the lawn of the school mansion house.

Stunning whimsical floral arrangements by Rooted in Rosemary framed the entrance to the chapel and marquee; with complementary Gaia bowl and needle pin arrangements lining the tables.

Rustic trestle tables were softened with apricot toned muslin runners, coral napkins and gold rimmed glass chargers. Bridgerton vibes were achieved with the introduction of vintage brass candlesticks, dusky blue candles, blue glass goblets and gold cutlery.

Bespoke oiled oak place names were gifted to each guests to be repurposed as festive decorations.

The weather may have made an appearance (or two), but everyone had an amazing time. Even the dogs had their day out!

Watch their sneak peak video here:

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