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the process


we meet

Drop me a message or pick up the phone & I will schedule our first meeting.

Nothing formal, a coffee or even a cocktail (?) to see if we're a good fit before we decide to work together 


there's a proposal

If we get on like a house on fire
(which I'm su
re we will) and you feel like you want to work together, I will send you a proposal which includes a recap & a plan of action.


say yes!

Once you are happy with the proposal and are sure that you want to be wedding buds; its simple:

Sign - Send - Deposit - I'm yours!

(don't worry, I sang that too)

A look into what it's like to work with me...

My approach


The first rule of wedding planning is - there are no rules!*
*Well, only the ones that you choose.

No two people are exactly the same, so why should your wedding be the same as everyone else's? It shouldn't. You deserve a day that is as unique as you are. You shouldn't feel bound by traditions or pressured by opinions.

I understand that you lead busy lives and planning a wedding can be overwhelming. Sometimes there are far too many decisions to make and there simply aren't enough hours in the day. Let me ease the pressure by researching suppliers; chasing RSVP's and calculating logistics so that you don't have to. I love a bit of 'wed-min', so put your feet up, relax and hand it over! There will be no "I wish I had remembered to X" regrets on my watch!

It is so important that the people helping you bring your wedding to life care about your day just as much as you do.  Sometimes it really is the little details that matter the most, and you should be safe in the knowledge that everything is being taken care of by people that you know, like and trust. I have developed a network of phenomenal suppliers and am always researching new ones which means that I can recommend the right people for you.

As always, I'll be there when you need me; making sure that everything goes to plan and proudly cheering you on as you start your married lives together.

Head over to my about me page for more information about working with me; my love letters page to read what past couples have said.


If you've read enough, head over to my weddings page to see how I can help get the two of you married in style!


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Am I the planner for you?

We are going to be spending a lot of time together, so we should probably be friends right..?

Hopefully we've met, or you've read a little about me, but if not; know that I want your wedding day to be as unique as you are.

My whole ethos as a wedding planner is that I really get to know the real you. We will talk about all sorts of things; and I will listen. I will pay attention to how your little faces light up when you talk about each other; your hobbies and your dreams... Because you love these things for a reason.

In my world, weddings are so much more than just life events; they're beautiful, emotional celebrations of love and individuality, but I've noticed that people are very good at trying to blend in; and if there’s one day when you absolutely should NOT blend in, it is your wedding day! That doesn’t mean you have to cram it full of big, bold gestures. In fact, it's often the smaller, more personal details that make the biggest waves. 

As your wedding planner, I'm not just here to help you tick boxes off of a list; I'm your friend, your confidant, and your biggest supporter. I will give you the confidence to explore ideas for your day, making sure that those are your own, not 'someone else's'; and that they come together seamlessly.


This is your day; and the journey from the "yes" to the "I Do!" should be something you enjoy. We'll work through every element of your planning together, chatting like old friends until we've built a picture of your day that just feels right. No stress!


So my promise to you is that I will do everything I can to help you create a beautiful wedding day, full of good feelings and packed with your personality; one that truly represents you and your love. Because I want you to love planning this as much as I will!


With every wedding I am reminded of how lucky I am to work with amazing people; boost their confidence, share their joy and know that I have helped to create something so incredibly poignant. So if you think we might be a good fit - get in touch! I can't wait to hear about it... x

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