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Wedding Planning: The Power of a Site Visit...

Dani stood in a glorious walled garden at Delapre Abbey. She wears a yellow jumpsuit with her hair tied back in a bun

This week I have been out and about with two of my couples; and today, we’re diving into the often-overlooked, yet absolutely essential, step in your wedding planning journey: the site visit.

Now, you are probably wondering, "Do we really need to walk around the venue again before the big day?" The answer is a resounding YES! And here’s why.

The Power of a Site Visit: More Than Just a Walkthrough

Think of the site visit as a dress rehearsal for your wedding day. It’s your chance to envision how your dream will come to life in the actual space. It’s also an opportunity to catch potential hiccups before they become full-blown headaches.

a woodland ceremony with wooden crossback chairs and a rustic boho arbour at the head of the aisle. Dried flowers and fresh green elements have been used to decorate the structure. There are vintage lights nestled in the foliage.
Look at your venue from a practical perspective.

Imagine this: You’ve booked a stunning woodland venue with towering trees and twinkling fairy lights. It’s perfect on paper, but when you arrive for your site visit, you notice (now that you're looking at it with 'practical eyes') the ground where your ceremony chairs are supposed to go is significantly more uneven than the first time you saw it. While this adds to the rustic charm, it might be a challenge for your more elderly guests, buggies and anyone in stiletto heels. This is where I come in. It is my job to ensure that everything works. I would explore options to make sure that there are clear, accessible paths and or alternative access points to keep everyone comfortable and most importantly safe. What about the unevenness? Can we level the area easily? Move or angle the seating slightly? Or should we look at introducing a temporary deck or staging to level the space?

Now is the time to troubleshoot.

Bringing Your Suppliers Along for the Ride

Now, let’s talk about your suppliers. You’ve chosen the coolest food vans, serving gourmet delights from converted horse boxes, and a vintage bar set up in a charming trailer. These are fantastic choices that add a touch of whimsy to your day, but they come with their own set of requirements.

Have they worked there before? If not, it’s crucial to have your suppliers with you. (Or that they visit without you) Why? Because nothing beats seeing the space in person. They can assess where they’ll set up, how they’ll access power and water, whether the ground is level enough for their equipment and most importantly, that they will have enough space to do what you're paying them to do! Plus, it gives them a chance to get excited about your vision and start planning their setups accordingly.

Two men measuring and marking out space for a wedding at Furtho Manor Farm
Make sure your suppliers have enough space to do what you are paying them to do!

The Logistics Dance

Planning the flow of the day is like choreography. You want everything to move smoothly from one part of the celebration to the next. During your site visit, we’ll walk through the entire day, from the moment guests arrive to the final farewell.

We’ll discuss:

  • Where guests will park and how they’ll be guided to the ceremony space.

  • The best spots for stunning photo ops (because "pics or it didn't happen!")

  • How will transition from ceremony to reception happen—will there be a cocktail hour in between? Where will it be set up?

  • When should your Vendors arrive? Do you mind if guests see them setting up?

  • The logistics of setting up your fabulous food vans, bars & external entertainment and ensuring they have everything they need to keep your guests fed. watered and happy.

By doing this, we’re not just preventing potential issues; we’re enhancing the entire guest experience. They’ll remember how effortlessly everything flows, not realizing the careful planning and coordination that went into making it all happen.

The Power and Water Puzzle

Let’s talk about power and water—two essentials that can often be overlooked. Mobile bar and food vans will need power for their equipment and water for cleaning and cooking. During the site visit, we’ll identify power sources and discuss whether additional generators, spurs or power points are needed. We’ll also locate water sources and plan how to access them efficiently.

Without this foresight, you might find yourself on the wedding day with a dead power outlet, no water for your caterer; or suppliers running back and forth to replenish supplies—not exactly the relaxed, fun vibe we’re going for!

Questions, Questions, Questions

While we’re touring the venue, we’ll be asking all the right questions to ensure nothing is left to chance. We might discuss things like:

  • “Where’s the best spot for the dance floor?”

  • "What is the turnaround time required for X?"

  • “Can we hang décor from these beautiful trees, or do we need to bring in freestanding structures?”

  • “What’s the backup plan for rain, and how quickly can we implement it?”

  • "Would placing "this" over there split the wedding party (and dampen the atmosphere)?"

  • "How and where do we direct guests after each touch point in the day?"

These aren’t just random queries—they’re the nitty-gritty details that make your wedding day run like clockwork.

Why You Need a Wedding Coordinator like Me...

You might be thinking, “This sounds like a lot to juggle!” And it is. That’s where I come in. I can help to take the stress off your shoulders so you can focus on enjoying your engagement and looking forward to your big day.

With my expertise and experience, I can anticipate the challenges and handle the logistics, ensuring everything goes off without a hitch. I communicate with your suppliers, manage the flow of the day, and troubleshoot any issues that arise, all while keeping the atmosphere fun and relaxed.

So, as you plan your dream wedding, remember the power of the site visit. It’s more than just a walkaround—it’s the key to a flawless and fun celebration. And with me by your side, you can rest assured that your day will be everything you’ve envisioned and more.

Ready to start planning? Let’s make magic happen together. Visit to get in touch, and let’s create a wedding that’s uniquely yours.

Speak soon,

Dani x

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