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A Blooming Love Story - why you should consider a Spring wedding.

For those of you considering when to tie the knot, the spring season offers a myriad of opportunities to infuse your special day with beauty, romance, and natural charm. From selecting delicate romantic colour palettes to incorporating whimsical twig and blossom décor inspired by the budding trees, let's explore the enchanting world of the UK spring season; and why you should consider a spring wedding.

Spring weddings in the UK hold a special allure, captivating couples with their promise of mild weather, blossoming flowers, and the season of renewal.

1. Natural Beauty: Spring brings with it the first burst of colour as flowers bloom, trees bud, and the landscape comes alive with fresh greenery. You could embrace nature's beauty as the backdrop for your wedding whether you exchange vows in a blossoming garden, a charming countryside estate, or a historic city venue.

2. Mild Weather: Unlike the extremes of winter cold or summer heat, spring in the UK offers comfortable mild temperatures, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor celebrations. Say "I do" under the soft glow of spring sunshine and dance the night away under a canopy of twinkling stars without worrying about sweltering in the heat or freezing temperatures. We all know the old adage, but what is a little April shower amongst friends anyway?

3. Endless Inspiration: From delicate cherry blossoms to vibrant tulips and fragrant hyacinths, spring offers a rich tapestry of floral inspiration for your wedding décor that are only available at this time of year. Let your creativity flow and incorporate these blossoms into your colour palette, centrepieces, bouquets, and more, creating a wedding that is as unique as your love story.

Colour Palette Inspiration:

When it comes to choosing a colour palette for your spring wedding, draw inspiration from the vibrant hues of nature in bloom. Here are some stunning colour combinations to consider:

1. Pastel Perfection: Soft shades of blush pink, powder blue, lavender, and mint green evoke the gentle beauty of springtime blossoms. Close your eyes and picture your classic Easter colourways; think Mini Eggs and soft textures and you're on the right track. Pair these delicate pastels with touches of ivory or gold for an ethereal and romantic aesthetic that exudes timeless elegance. Bridgeton hasn't got a thing on you!

A spring pastel colour palette of beautiful candy coloured hues

2. Bold and Bright: For couples who crave a pop of colour, consider bold and vibrant hues such as coral, fuchsia, hyacinth purples, sunshine yellows, or emerald green. These eye-catching shades will add a playful and energetic vibe to your wedding décor, infusing your celebration with joy and excitement.

A flat lay of colourful spring flowers such as grape hyacinths, cherry blossom and yellow blooms

3. Earthy Elegance: Embrace the natural beauty of the season with an earthy colour palette inspired by the lush landscapes of spring. Think warm tones like terracotta, sage green, mustard yellow, and rusty orange, complemented by organic textures such as wood, twine, and linen for a rustic yet refined look that is an elevated alternative to hessian.

a rustic spring colour palette of earthy sage and mustard tones

Incorporating Twig and Blossom Décor:

Representing Love, Luck & Abundance, blossom is the perfect addition. One of the most enchanting ways to bring the beauty of spring into your wedding décor is by incorporating twig and blossom accents inspired by blossoming trees you will see all around you at this time of year. Whether bought or foraged, twigs and blossom are a delicate, beautiful and natural alternative to your average floral heavy wedding.

How about some creative ideas to infuse your celebration with these whimsical touches:

- Twig Archway: Create a stunning focal point for your ceremony with a rustic archway adorned with intertwining twigs and cascading blossoms. This enchanting backdrop will frame your exchange of vows with natural charm and romantic elegance.

- Blossom Centrepieces: Arrange simple yet striking centrepieces featuring twigs adorned with delicate blossoms in glass vases or wooden containers. Whether you opt for cherry blossoms, apple blossoms, or wildflowers, these natural accents will add a touch of whimsy to your reception tables.

- Twig Place or Escort Cards: Incorporate twig elements into your seating arrangements by attaching escort cards to small twigs or branches adorned with tiny blossoms. This creative detail will delight your guests and add a whimsical touch to your reception décor.

So - I hope this has given you some inspiration about how the beauty and romance of spring can in fact inspire your wedding day dreams. From blooming flowers to mild weather and personalised touches, embrace the magic of this beautiful season as you plan to say "I do".

A mug of coffe with a golden crema in a white stoneware mug sits on a saucer. The saucer has been placed on top of an open book. There is white blossom placed around the cup and book and fabrics in soft pink & ivory furs add texture to the background.

As your dedicated wedding planner, I am here to turn your vision into reality. So, if you would like to start this journey together and make your springtime wedding a celebration to remember, just book in for a discovery call, grab a cup of something and tell me all about why spring is the season for you.

Dani x

Dani (she/her) an inclusive wedding and events planner sat at a desk smiling at the camera. She is mixed race, has long straight hair; wears dark framed glasses. She is holding a book by Ross Wilsher


Photography credits:

Magnolia tree in Oxford: Nicola Belson -

Colourful Spring Blossoms: Karolina Grabowska

Coffee & Blossom: Ioana Motoc -

Dani at desk: Suzanne -

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